Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vintage birthday card

For my birthday a friend gave me a heart-shaped box full of vintage embellishments.  I loved looking at the box full of beautiful things sitting on my shelf.  When I knew I'd be seeing a gal tomorrow who loves fashion, jewels, etc. I allowed myself to actually use an item from my little box!  I've had this pink embossed paper for quite some time and it went so beautifully with the color scheme (the pinks all really match well in real life!) and would add just the right vintage-type feel I knew she'd love.  Can't wait to give it to her!


  1. Okay I just have to say after visiting from SCS I had a great time looking at all over your blog, you have a lovely blog and some awesome creations posted...I have signed up to follow you...but you really should move your 'follow' icon closer to the top I just have to believe more people would enjoy following you and seeing all the great creative ideas you have.

  2. Gosh Sherry - how sweet of you! I will take your advice and move it higher! I'm working on some great Christmas things so am excited to post them as soon as my camera battery finishes charging!